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African American Culture Does Somalia Good

Ok I must be annoying and "nic pic" again. I have a high consciousness so very few things get past me ENERGY wise without me catching it.

In the following video you will witness why African American culture coming from this era disgust me to the point of resentment. Black people fail to realize that culture is like a resume. The culture that you develop and feed to the world tells a story about you, your mentalities and what you stand by.

This video makes me want to throw up and proves that the strongest ENERGY coming from African Americans represent all the ENERGIES we make a point of highlighting with intensity.

Watch these Somalian's confirm through their actions that hip hop and stripper moves is a prominent ENERGY coming from African American culture. The infectiousness of the rhythm coupled with the visuals of our culture makes it hard for others to resist emulating it. Admiration seems like POWER and it seems that our culture which is saturated with Hip Hop is ADMIRED so Black people of other countries copy our culture.

Foreign Black people try to create a perception that they loath American Blacks and they sometimes like to look down on African Americans. However, they will emulate Black Americans due to our power , and noterioty. When you think of a successful Black person you think of an American Black person.

There is still a substandard ENERGY that revolves around foreign Black people, simply because they live and come from different conditions. American Blacks have access to more resources and our culture dominates all over the world.

We are not familiar with Somalian music or Somalian culture, but they are familiar with ours.

It bothers me that foreign Black people are influenced by our horrible culture. To the point where it makes them look even more simple. The lady in this video is dressed in her religious Muslim attire "dropping it like it's hot" and grinding like a "Twerk it girl".

The catch "52" of the situation is, though foreign Blacks are influenced by our culture they still believe they are superior because of it. The very thing they emulate, they look down on at the same time.

I want this article to be an example of the POWER of INFLUENCE, people will always gravitate to the ENERGIES that seem to make them left out. Black American culture and Hip Hop is a major force in not just American society but the world, so emulating this consciously or subconsciously makes them temporarily feel inclusive and powerful.

My higher consciousness forces me to think about the fact that our culture not only defines us, but influences others. Rappers and the low standard people in this race who make it to the spotlight, can go places the average Black person can't. They can travel all around this world and tell a story about Black Americans.
This reality is embarrassing and not something that fellow Black Americans think about, this is because we refuse to develop critical thinking skills to better our race.

Take a look at these Somalian statistics to understand why they can't afford to allow culture, particularly Black American culture influence them.

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