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Number 1 Million-Trillion on the List: Duncan Hines is Racist

One thing I've learned in my about 3 decades here on earth is the fact that once someone knows they can do something they will do it. Once someone knows that complaining causes a reaction the subconsious mind will resort to doing so to reflect from other things.

It's like a child who is allowed to cry and whine and then is rewarded with what they ask for.

After watching this video from Duncan Hines, it's unbelievable to me that people think it's racist.

It's hard to be part of a race that thinks they are SO UGLY deep down inside that they are suspecious of anything. Many feel that the cupcakes mock Black people, lol, lol, lol, lol.

Maybe it's the long pointy nose that is typical of Black people lol, lol Or maybe it's because the cupcakes are dark and have visible lips lol, lol. Forget that they are chocolate cupcakes, people's favorite.

I pray for the day when Black people will see that our attacks reflect our own low self esteem and the uneasiness we have with our own culture and race. It may SEEM that we can hid that fact but you cannot hid ENERGY. Energy is non-verbal and it will show through.

If you are confused think of this. If Black people went on and on about how straight many white peoples hair is, how slim some white women are, or even how white people can't dance. Would it bother them? No when you have dominance it automatically gives you confidence. When you think you are supreme no one can tell you different.

But Black people we don't think we are supreme, we don't think we are worthy or beautiful, so our low self esteem shows through in the most pitiful sad ways.


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