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The Lure of the Entertainment World: Another Marriage Bits the Dust

After 8 years of marriage and two kids Kevin Hart has filed for divorce from his wife Torrei.

One can only imagine if this is yet another example of a male celebrity being possessed by fame. It's almost unimaginable to think that the average man could resist the fast paced life of the entertainment industry. The sad thing is they will give up love for admiration.

Many times they do not seek to marry the women they are now exposed to, they just want the freedom to roam. It sounds good in the short term, but what happens as time progresses and the penis gets older and less responsive?

I will tell you what happens. These men sacrifice the love of someone who truly cared for them for women that are exciting but draining to the soul. As time progresses and the subconscious mind longs for that unconditional true love, alcohol and drugs are added to the mix to cope with this. There is no way a groupie or someone who likes "the idea of you" could fulfill the longing for true love that your soul craves during those moments of calmness and reflection.

These men fall into a fast paced life that drains their emotions.

I don't like the ENERGY of this but I like Kevin Hart and I don't know the details. I wish them both the best. These scenarios rarely turn out good though. He can only pick from women who know him through his fame now. The feeling of knowing this and the subconscious mind can only be masked this sense of hollowness for so long.

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