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Loosing Respect for Elise Neal in 5,4,3,2,1..............Seconds

Black women, black women I know the pickings are slim and I know you would rather go by what a man says then what he does or portrays, but is this wise?

There's a list of men in the spotlight who I've put on a list.

It's a list where I wait to see the type of women they attract and claim. Rick Ross is one of the top names on the list. In my mind whichever woman who chose to walk with Rick Ross is low standard.

So here we have Elise Neal. A woman who can ignore the ENERGY and mentalities of a man just to receive attention.

Not only is Rick Ross a "fake" he tries to emulate criminal minded people and promotes negative mentalities in order to connect with this race. He knew this was how you connect with this race and that would be what made him famous and become famous. That alone says alot about this race, but it also is an insight into his character.

It's at the point how could you feel sorry for many Black women who have the WORST, WORST skills when it comes to choosing a mate. Just walking with this fat, nasty bastard makes Elsie look low standard. A person can choose to ignore the ENERGY of a person because they are determined to make something work. But when you do this you cannot fault the universe when undesirable results happen.

It's customary for Black women to be desensitized by men like Rick Ross. They chose to look at men like him as being normal and their mentalities sane, but that simply speaks of a persons standards in life. Many Black women would embrace Rick Ross even around their children because they have no standards. They weren't taught standards and don't have the skills to set them, they simply go with the ENERGY of others like them in their environment. And let's face it many Black women have Rick Ross's and wannabe Rick Ross's, there's absolutely no reason for a Black woman to be ashamed of him in her mind.

I don't like the ENERGY of Elsie Neal with Rick Ross, you would think she would think she's worth more than that. You would think she's would think she's worthy of a man who breaths and exhales respect for woman, himself, this race and his community, but again like MOST Black women in this era she is willing to overlook him not having those ENERGIES for a man.

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