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I'm Sure Donte' Stallworth Makes His Mother Proud

I congratulated my Mom not to long ago for being such a great mother that my brother didn't run from her image. Instead he married a wife that is dark skin and just as classy as my Mom. Despite being apart of a community where many Black women and young girls have a nasty ENERGY and "crap out" babies like diarrhea the positive ENERGY of my Mom reigned supreme in my brothers subconsciousness.

Now here we have Donte Stallworth a Brother so dark that a blind man could predict that his mother is darkskin. A man so Afro-centric looking that he could be African. A man who has been so brainwashed that he doesn't even take his mother and the other women of his family into consideration.

Donte Stallworth recently stated that if his team the Baltimore Raven's win he would like an after-party with these criterias:

- Must be a “Tall & lean Yellowbone”
- Must have “real” hair…no tracks allowed
- Must be dumb as they come
- Must be someone who doesn’t know him

One can only imagine how his mother would feel knowing this. How much embarrassment would this bring her? How could she have a friend like me and dare to say anything to me about standards? The first thing I would say is "I know you are not talking, your own son thinks you're the bottom of the barrel", "you're own son is repulsed by you".

It's sad to see a brother so brainwashed, however it's also important to dissect the "whys" of his mentality.

It's important for Black women to realize, particularly brown skin and dark skin women, that we are still dominate in the community. Meaning there are still more brown and dark skin people in the community opposed to others, particularly downsouth.

Now in recognizing this, it's also important to evaluate the ENERGY of our communities. Are Black women beautiful in our communities? Do they act beautiful, do they have a sense of pride and class? Or do Black men witness day after day a group of women who symbolize oppression, pain, sub-standards and self-exploitation.

It's like a breath of fresh air for a Black man to see and be exposed to what's not the norm in his life. Especially if that norm is equated to acting ugly, attitudes, baby mommas, aggression, and having a lack of femininity.

This fact becomes evident when Black men go out and either date a woman who is considered exotic in their surroundings or date outside the race. Many times because of the mentality of these men they will not attract what they think they are attracting. Many times these women are also low standard, but because Black men have not been raised around women that look like them they think they have hit the "jackpot".

If Black men grew up with many low class women that looked like Kim K or Amber Rose, they would be desensitized to them and would not act as if they found a rare gem when they come across them.

Another thing that stands out to me is the fact that he specifically wants a lean woman.

Once again people get turned off by the things that they are allowed to "crap on" and that points to thicker women. Thicker women have allowed their image to be crapped on by allowing the lowest standard men to exploit their bodies all over the world. And not in a way that makes them look truly desirable and feminine. But in a way that makes them seem as if they were designed to take your aggression out on through pounding on their ass through aggressive sex.

So many Black men will continue to use these thicker butts to BEAT and POUND into the ground. But they will seek a women that looks the opposite when it comes to image purposes. It's one of the reasons I lost respect for thicker women. To be so desperate for representation that you accept anything is pathetic and the repercussions are just sad. Thicker women will continue to see this as Black men in the spotlight continue to speak about BEATING and DESTROYING their asses  in the bedroom, but choose to walk with slimmer women.

Of course that doesn't excuse Donte' Stallworth for his ignorance. many Black men cannot figure out the reason for their ignorance and in the process just like Donte' they insult their mothers. Dumbass! Maybe he was drunk at the time he always does dumb things when he's drunk, lol

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