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Sherri Shepherd Gets "Open" with Prince on "The View"

I like Sherri Shepherd, I like her because she seems to have a good spirit. Despite this I could not or would not have a friend like her. I've never been that great having "Sister Girl" type of friends. You never know what they are going to say, or when. They can be a great embarrassment sometimes. A lot of time they are loud, in your face and act in inappropriate ways.

That doesn't mean they aren't good people. In fact Sherri just makes me laugh most of the time. I think her not being sure if the world was round or not in 2007 took the cake. We all know that for many decades astronauts have orbited earth and we all can be sure that the world is round. Again Sherri wasn't sure lol, lol
So here we have Sherri again acting out. Now she did tone it down by telling "Prince" she has always wanted to 'make love to him, but it's still was inappropriate timing. Poor Sherri Prince didn't know how to respond so he just walk off in a joking way of course. I'm sure he walked off because his subconsious mind wanted it to end there and feared she might say something else inappropriate.

Anyway, Sherri wasn't getting him to say 'I love you' enough? I still like Sherri's ENERGY even though she's way out there and too open for my taste.

You know Sherri's style just like telling the world about her MANY abortions.

She keeps it a little too Real. You have to just pray for her.

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