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Sandra Lee's Ridiculed for Not Forgetting Kwanzaa

I can't believe the direction society has taken. Everything is considered racist, discrimination or insensitive. You can't even breath, it's as if you must walk on eggshells.

How the hell is it racist for this woman to create a Kwanzaa cake for Kwanzaa and then to make it even more ridiculous surrounding her are cakes to honor all holiday traditions including Christmas and Hanukkah

I've watched Sandra Lee many times, she's not the best on the Food Network, but I love her spirit and ENERGY and many of the dishes she makes is interesting to watch. She is a nice person and was blessed by the Universe in a metaphysical way. Her talents emerged through what many would consider a burden.

Sandra Lee grew up humbly and had to take care of her 5 younger siblings. This is where her talent and skills grew. She would cook, buy groceries, and handle the family finances. Having to take on these roles made her a crafty and creative person. It became her passion.

Everyone doesn't have to be slayed just because they can be. Just because you can create controversy and crying racism and discrimination has become a "sport" doesn't make doing this ok. There has to be some love in the world. One must go by the ENERGY of a person before attacking them.

Sandra Lee, I like your ENERGY keep up the good work.

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