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Pay Attention To This Energy

I want the community to start paying attention to the ENERGY of those within this race. We cannot simply focus on those who are more POSITIVE when we think about our problems and why we are perceived in certain ways.

This is something that is customary with this race. When we seek to address so called "racism" and incidents where we are sterreotyped we don't look at the whole picture. We don't focus on and admit that there are many different ENERGIES within our communities that make up these preceptions and stereotypes.

So here we have a Sista who managed to make her way out of the hood, a hood where you speak through violence. Here you have a Sista who is able to spread an ENERGY to the world because we live in a technology age where it is possible. Not only do we live in a technology age where this is possible, for years we have allowed it by supporting those who are like her.

Now most know, that I am by no means a Nicki Minaji fan. I think that her style of rap and clownish demeanor does not benefit the authenticity and creativity of Hip Hop no matter how entertaining it is to watch her. I think that her success will potentially open floodgates, where those who want to succeed by any means necessary will emulate her. It does not seem like a big deal until you wake up years later and realize how such a creative venue within our culture has been diluted beyond recognition.


I think that this video is very disturbing. For one this video not only defines the way that a "street minded" person thinks but fuels an ENERGY that speaking about murder and violence is just a way of life. It fuels the ENERGY subconsiously or consiously that speaking about violence and killing someone is something that can be controlled in an actual situation.

Let me explain that more.

The more you speak about violence, the more that you have violent thoughts those actions will manifest into a reality. We learned that through the recent "facebook" murder. Just the fact that Alysa and Nikki had a feud that resulted into a fight was not the final outcome. Because they come from an environment that breeds violence and uses violence to speak, within one split-second Alysa was murdered. It was almost an instantenous reaction.

We cannot allow the Nikki's of the community to have a voice in this culture without an opposition to it that is STRONGER than the ENERGY itself.

This is how Black people become stereotyped not just by society but by each other. When you don't come against the ENERGIES you don't want to manifest in the community it sends a message of acceptance. This passivity is misconstrued as acceptance.

Mowett Ryder decided to let her character and ENERGY shine through with this video "Operation Kill Barbie". I know that some Black people are numb to this by now, they are numb to each other speaking about violence and using violence toward each other..

I crave for and look forward to the day when we are not amused by this anymore outside of movies and T.V. shows which end with a message.

I look forward to the day we understand that the Universe will manifest our thoughts, actions and words into our reality. It could be no other way, it's metaphysics. This is why our communities suffer. If the dominating ENERGY of the community is to use a gun to solve a problem, that is what will occur.

This is why despite the violence in movies and T.V. other races don't have communities that mirror ours. It's unimaginable for the average White person to think of killing someone because they are mad, particularly outside of domestic incidents. And don't bother me, yes it happens in their communities, but it happens sporadically, it's not a way of life. It doesn't happen in concentration in their communities.

There use to be a time when guns weren't a prevalent ENERGY in our communities and men and woman fought it out. This is no longer the case, and it shows up in our communities.

Why Mowett Ryder would want to even so-called joke about KILLING Nikki Minaji would be something she could not explain in an intelligent way. She would start talking about where she comes from and how they do when they don't like someone. How they react when they are frustrated and challenged by someone.

It's up to Black people to realize that this does not make sense. It's up to Black people to begin to realize that aggression is not power. Aggression breeds aggression.............PERIOD.

That's why as Black people we have the type of communities we have. The Universe would NEVER change this, The Universe would never intercept and make this better. As we struggle to survive and make it through, part of our spiritual development will be to realize this.

We must begin to realize that The Universe does not support our way of thinking metaphysically and your thoughts and words will effect you. God made sure the Universe was designed this way to prompt us to spiritually grow. The Universe would never allow us to have ANY ENERGY and progress, hence the state of our race which is regressing as we continue to breath in the ENERGY of all the Mowett's and Lil Waynes.

The HIGHEST  form of developing will be when we learn to SHUT OUT the Mowett's from our culture. They wouldn't be so bold and brazen if they had no support and knew they where looked down on.

This video embarrasses me for many reasons. One it shows how many Black women do NOT develop mentally in our communities. Two, her confidence in putting out this video shows that she feels we would accept it. Three if reflects the mind of a person who has the inability to express their frustration without resorting to vilence. That means violence is so embedded in our minds that this is normal.

Would it be FUNNY if she did kill Nicki Minaji. Again reflect on the fact that Nikki didn't really want to or intend to kill Alysa the adrenaline and ENERGY of their fight made her subconscious mind which has been influenced by violence react.

So this is beyond an EPIC FAIL the ENERGY of this video reveals alot about the mentaltiies of those we live around. Even if she became a success I would NOT support her. I am wise enough to know that supporting ENERGIES I don't want to influence the subconscious mind of those I live with is TRUE POWER.

I wonder if Katy Perry would say she would KILL Miley Cyrus, I doubt it they come from different environments and it wouldn't sit well with their communities.

We TOO can change the ENERGIES of our culture through NO SUPPORT.

Read my analysis of the "Facebook Murders" Here:

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