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Nicki Minaji A "Twilight Zone" Celebrity's First Week Album Sales

You could NEVER tell me I'm not in the "Twilight Zone" you could NEVER tell me that people aren't behaving like the robots in the "Matrix".

Sometimes I laugh with God I say is this real? Is it really possible that I am seeing what I'm seeing?

Nicki Minaji has managed to make HISTORY in music by being the 2nd highest selling female rap artist selling 375,000 albums in a week. Lauren Hill sold 422,000 but was not in the rap category. So she now becomes the first female rapper to push that many units in a week. She beat out "Missy Elliot" who sold just over 200,000 in her first week. For her to even come close to Lauren Hill is sick.

Yes Lauren Hill, someone who's lyrics are CLEAR and who didn't have to stretch or make up words just to make her verses rhyme.

The sun done
Yep, the sun done
Came up, but we still up in dungeon
The DunDun
Yep, in London
It should be a crime to have those types of skills and be considered a rapper. I think Nicki is more like a "CRAPPER" not a RAPPER.

'We still up in the dungeon", the "DunDun"

Now you know me, I had to look up "DunDun" I thought maybe I'm missing something. Well unless she's saying she's up in an African drum, I think it's safe to say she made that up just to make the verse rhyme. The most irritating pathetic type of rap style KNOWN TO THE GAME. I do like the production by "William" but I'm smart enough to know supporting her opens up floodgates for others like her.

I wish she was in her teens or early 20's then maybe I could ignore her and writer her off, but "no" she will be 26 years old. I wonder if she knows that only SIMPLE PEOPLE brought her album, those who can be entertained through concentrating on one element of the music, in her case that would be the beat. And the visuals don't hurt either

Now a  conscious mind sees right through her. Look at the picture above she has a manufactured image and horrible, simple lyrical skills.

Many times you have to accept the fact that the world is changing but how do you accept the fact that it's changing for the worst. What type of children are being born and raised where they would like this. I don't like the youth that are growing up in this era, they seem slow and behind. I think they would accept almost anything. if it's visually shocking. The more numb a culture becomes the more SHOCKING a person must be to be considered entertaining.

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PinkBlossom She sold a lot of copies based on hype not talent.. She is using british accents, animated eyeballs, clothes and wild wigs to deflect from the fact that she CAN'T rap or sing.. But she is a good actress though..

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