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Lebron Shows and Proves in First Game With Cavaliers Since Joining The Heat

I can't tell you happy I was that The Heat won against the Cavaliers. Not only did they win but they destroyed them with Lebron taking 38 points alone.

The only option Cleveland has now is to get over it. Get over Lebron leaving and move on.

Ironically their failing to do so makes you an even bigger Lebron fan. At least it's made me a bigger one, though Kobe's still the king.

When he first left Cleveland in the disrespectful way he did, I was all for challenging his ego and calling him out. But how much longer do you harp on something that is "said and done"?

Cleveland is starting to look like that slave master who's stallion slave ran away up north. At the most Lebrons actions just showed that he was a little immature and needs to grow up. which is not a crime after all he's 25.  Cleveland fans are just starting to look bitter. They are really proving that they lost their "King", they lost the best.

Now Dan Gilbert wants to look into the way Lebron left the team. He wants to investigate whether or not it was legal for him to do so, being that he was still under contract. He's hired big time lawyers to conduct a major investigation. Apparently money's not a problem. All you can say is "Wow"

The Universe had to humble them on Thursday when Lebron and the Heat beat them 118-90 which is brutal.
The crowd tried it's hardest to come against Lebron and make it hard for him, but he left them almost speechless. Their taunts where in vain, their hate and unreasonable jeering of "Akron Hates You" seemed to motivate him more.

It's a wonder how Cleveland will be able to remain an attractive team to join.

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