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Learning About the Desperation of Fame Through Keri Hilson

Watch this embarrassing video of her making this male stripper uncomfortable with her DESPERATION. He feels put on the spot and uninterested and I feel sorry for her. It comes off as PATHETIC.

I think what Keri Hilson is doing is great. This Universe will always present opportunities to learn and develop a higher sense of consciousness by using other people.

With Keri Hilson we have the opportunity to see what someone is willing to do just to make it. We have the opportunity to see someone act outside of character and change themselves just to obtain fame in the rawest way.

Usually a musician will come out with a sexy image or gradually transform themselves into one. Not Keri she did a 360 degree turn overnight, which makes her actions so obvious.

I will NOT support Keri Hilson she fuels an ENERGY in the music industry that takes away from true music.

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