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Video: Kanye West's Funny Egotistical Moments

I think the following video is too funny. It's hard for me to jump on the bandwagon and hate Kanye West. He's reckless with his mouth but so am I. The only thing I can't get over is the fact that he brought a piece of trash like Amber Rose to the Universe and we will NEVER be able to get rid of her bald headed, insignificant, worthless ENERGY.

Amber Rose should be in a "Blacktail" type of magazine under a man's bed, but thanks to Kanye she feeds the ENERGY and ILLUSION that you can exploit yourself and succeed.

Some people are saying are you kidding me that's true you can. Guess what it is true in an, but just like a drug once you get your high, you will NEVER get the same high, and God will weigh down on your spirit so heavy it will drive you crazy. He does this because you are not doing what he wishes for you and you're failing to spiritually advance.

That's something that celebrities won't tell you. There job is to feed you an ILLUSION and make money off of it. Sometimes they BREAK DOWN like "T.I". in "Castle Walls" but that's him without his shields of drugs and alcohol talking. When T.I.'s high he doesn't care just like most celebrities.
As a higher spiritual consciousness I can clearly see that God and the Universe is in the process of humbling Kanye. Sometimes once going all the way up you MUST fall all the way down to be humbled. You must be forced to see through the illusions you and those around you have created. You might have to buy some of your own albums and bear being booed for this to occur, but God is always there when you want to get back up, no matter how hard it may be to do so.

Anyway take a look at Kanye and the reasons why, you can't HATE his ENERGY you can only laugh, he's a trip:
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Now Check out the Skills of Kanye that keep you from completely Hating him. One of my favorites. You can only wish that he took the advice of this song.

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