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How Does Nicki Minaj Deal With People Her Age

I was prepared to IGNORE Nicki Minaj, I assumed that she was in her early 20's and like many younger people and those of Generation Y, all they really know is there music no matter how dumb or fulfilling it is to them.

They're not fully conscious of the music of a different era. They've heard of MC Lyte and maybe they heard a few of her later songs. They heard of Lauren Hill and like a few of her songs. They even heard of "Missy" and definitely remember some of her songs even if they where young.

But Nicki.............

"Oh Nicki is 28 some reports say 25, I'm writing this right before her birthday so let's say 26. In any case she knows better.

Nicki Minaj is not a teenager, she is not a "teeny bopper" so how the hell does she feel comfortable around people her age, or a little older who ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT knows her rap is inferior. She knows she is subpar lyrically.

I wonder how she copes, Money's like a drug and it doesn't take your thoughts away permanently. I guess she can sleep with her money. But like with any drug the HIGH doesn't stay the same, it dulls and wears off then you become paranoid and unsure of yourself because the drugs is what gave you confidence in the first place. This is the main reason celebrities stay HIGH and under the influence. It's all they can do to stay sane, of course the human body which The Universe designed; eventually says "Fu*ck You" and the drugs don't help as much, but at least it's a temporary sedative.

She's on my list of celebrities who could NEVER convince me they don't drink or drug their problems away. How could she feel confident around people who can't help but laugh and be appalled behind her back?

Now I'm a higher conscious spirit, so I couldn't relax being her. I would know everyone around me is full of sh*t and kissing my ass which would irritate me.

I'm not saying she should make a point to be unsuccessful, but with her type of fame just to HONOR ENERGY, she should be the most HUMBLE person ever. Everytime she gets a chance and during ALL her interviews she should how grateful she is to be able to sell albums and SEEM like the Best female rapper ever.

She should think about HUMBLY passing on being referred to as the "Queen of Rap". That right there brings out people's urge to challenge and hate her. It's hard not to with a title like that. How could the masses who really focus on the skill of Hip Hop allow it?

I by no means would act like I'm the best artist, knowing that I've simply hypnotized the dumb down standards of Generation Y. That's the only reason why she has been able to sell in this era. At ;east understand that if you're a clown in this generation and can visually entertain people you can succeed.

But don't act like you're the best lyrically that's blasphemy to the Music Industry and all those before you.

Wow outselling Lauren Hill Nicki, Really? I wonder how she escapes feeling like a joke. Any producer that acts like she's the Queen of Hip Hop is lying and she knows this. People go with what's hot at the moment, even if they are shocked that the person is successful.

Welcome to the Double Edge Sword of the Industry, where you can live by ILLUSION until people wake up.
Using "filler words" that make no sense and stretching words to make the lyrics rhyme is just plain Sad!

She needs to sit back have fun and simply ride the wave of opportunity that has been given to her, She shouldn't MAKE THE MISTAKE OF BEING CHALLENGING. That brings a whole other ENERGY into her life one she won't be able to handle spiritually.

When she takes off all the makeup and her clown suits she still has to face herself and her conscious.

P.S. Thanks for telling Lil Kim to sit down though, never liked her ENERGY.

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