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Denny's Furniture Brawl

There was a brawl at a Denny's restaurant on Halloween. As you can see just like a brutal mass killing there was no regards for the aftermath soon to be caused. There was no regards as to who would be effected by it and there was no regard towards the unlucky person that would come upon the wreckage and have to clean it up.

I wonder how many positive Black people think about the fact that your "Cooks county", "9th Ward" and "Compton" Brothers and Sisters want to go out and eat too. They won't refrain from going to restarants just because they are from the ghetto and have no home training. They aren't faced with the fact that they are like that anyway since most of those in their environment are the same.

Guess what the sad part is? I can tell you first hand that you suffer due to their ENERGY.

I worked in the restaurant industry off and on for over 10 years, and I can tell you that there are perceptions of Black people and we are stereotyped daily. The sad part is many times we are stereotyped and treated like crap by even Black people.

I sometimes feel bad when I hear stories from positive, well mannered Black people who are typecasted when they go to the restaurant. They sometimes speak about having to sit and wait for long periods of time, and they are given less then stellar service overall.

Please understand that I have witnessed this and also unfortunately been one of those people dishing out that type of service. It's difficult serving many Black people, and while I can discern the difference between Black people in the video and Black peple who have pride in themselves therefore knowing how to act, many can't do this.

Particularly those of other races, when they see a Black person that's all they see.

Many Black people are volatile and a pain in the ass, and simply don't know how to behave in places where we are suppose to be more refined because no one ENERGY is suppose to dominate due to being around other ENERGIES.

I'm not going to go on and on about this, but coming across this video gave me flashbacks to the years I served and had to deal with the ENERGY of ghetto Black people. People who could have at least tippped due to the trouble they bring, but didn't.

I wonder if these chicks tipped the servers or even paid. Hopefully they were arrested. Hopefully they have pride enough to be embarrassed about how some people responded to there actions.

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