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Who Could Respect Russell Simmons After This?

In a world where a Black woman has to put on her best face to succeed, I ask Black woman who will support Russell Simmons show?

I for one will not.

Many of you have seen the clip that shows one of Russell Simmons interns being a total low class, disrespectful wench. She knew that rapper “T.I.”(who is married by the way) was coming to the office and not only did she wear a revealing outfit, she wore no underwear underneath and flashed him.

My question is how many Black woman working for Isaac Mizrahi or even Tommy Hilfiger could have pulled this stunt. How many Black women could have acted in the unprofessional way that this intern conducted herself without being fired, or sent to the mail room.

That alone is enough for me to be turned off by the show, I will not watch it.

Here’s the complexity, I will not watch the show, not only because of the double standard but also because I am very insightful. What do I mean by that? well, to watch a show like this as well as the other worthless reality shows that revolve around media whores signifies that this works and these types of actions are what makes a reality show successful. At this point we know this is true, but it doesn't have to be this way, we don't have to continue to be trapped and smothered by a worthless media, making it harder for better quality shows to succeed, because society is distracted by "shock value".

I know I have a HIGHER spiritual vibration than most humans, meaning that I am completely conscious of the ENERGY of all things, and I know that supporting certain things, escalates NEGATIVE ENERGY and opens up floodgates. So I refuse to watch these shows, and have not faltered yet, despite living within a weak society.

If I could bottle up that type of strength and feed it to others who don’t possess it I would and this world and our culture would be a better one. We would not continue to support "media whores"and empower them only to later regret it due to them being able to dig their heels in the sand through your support then not going away.

When you have STRENGTH it feels GOOD and the Universe takes notice and changes the ENERGY around you for the better because of it.

I get confused by humans I don’t even know or understand what a lack of control means. What does it mean to complain about things that you ultimately control? What does it mean to think that you're helpless when it comes to things that you can control?

It’s bad enough that Russell Simmons like many others simply threw in a “token Negro” but to not come against what Black women would be crucified about, give me a break. Why should I watch I'm offended.

And yes, the Black girl on the show is a “token Negro”. Who would ever see a reality show with a white designer and all his workers and interns are Black aside from one MAYBE two White people?

Let me drive that point home by being MORE DRAMATIC, what White person after reading the above statement would say “oh no that’s, not true, I would have tons of Black people with one white person”. What White man or White woman could say that?

No they secretly think we are a PECULIAR race, but because it BENEFITS them they remain silent. Some even feel an unspoken power. Like a White man smiling when a Black man bashes Black women then praises a White one.


Guess what if this was reversed they probably wouldn’t even watch the show. Russell Simmons knows this, he’s trying to make money. He’s following a formula, a formula that doesn’t benefit Black people as a whole but only him as an individual.

It's NOT even a Shonda Rhimes situation. Shonda Rhimes created Grey's Anatomy a medical drama with basically an all white cast and aside from reminding yourself of the fact that she's the creator you forget. She does not star in Grey's Anatomy with an all White cast. And it's certainly not a reality show that revolves around her and her life.

However let's be honest, that stings a little too.

It's not like Black people have any real power in entertainment, and a wealth of roles to choose from but I support Black people creating diverse portrayals. It represents broadmindedness. I however DO NOT support Black people saying "this is my life, and there is only one Black person in sight, by the way my actions will show that I only accept Black celebrities with money".

How long do we continue to play this game? It’s almost 2062, if you’re wondering why I picked that odd year it's because that's the year “The Jetsons” took place.

Will we play to the masses our entire existence or should we build a little? When we build merging and diversity will be so wonderful, but we refused to even get to that point.

I could give two craps who Russell Simmons dates in real life, but why would I support someone who lets his obvious repulsion of being around Black woman who aren't celebrities. And to add insult by doing this before the World?

A White woman would DIE if it were reversed.

I'm EMBARRASSED, particularly because he has all but said we are NOT WORTHY and worth being around.

I know it seems hard to find a Black woman with class in this generation who's not saturated or influenced by this culture, but it is quite possible and with the lack of opportunities for Black woman, I demand it, at least for my support. Until we find strength in building despite how hard we will NEVER progress.

So I ask how many others know the POWER of LACK of Support in order to change and shape our image and opportunities within society?

P.S. I watch many shows on “Oxygen” and BRACE yourself; on the next show another intern LITERALLY has her breast out, not her cleavage, but her breast. She’s wearing a spaghetti strapped dress and ALL of her breasts, minus the tip of her nipples is showing.

What's so SAD is to see a Brother like Russell who doesn’t understand that despite his money and apparent status, in the subconscious mind of White people he’s less than a White man.

Just like a Black woman wouldn’t or couldn’t do a stunt like that working with a White designer these SAME White girls wouldn’t do it either. The fact that he seems so EAGER to impress woman who are not of his race intensifies this. They can't help but feel the ENERGY that they are special and are a BLESSING to his MANHOOD.

For the LIFE of me I couldn’t imagine sending an ENERGY to anyone that they are more valuable then my race just because they are not my race, no matter how frustrated I get with this race. What would it mean to surround myself around all White men, excluding all but one Black man and thinking these White men are the “best thing since slice bread”? I think too DEEPLY I would constantly wonder if they would do the same, and because my race has not hit a plateau of success and needs to grow so desperately I would feel PATHETIC, not being a part of that.

I do have to end this rant by saying that Society does this because they can. If a show like “The Bachelor” had all Black woman and one or two white women AGAIN, White people WOULD NOT support it. The same with Issac Mizrahi

It’s time to BUILD and GROW by supporting the right shows and representation. I PROMISE YA’LL it FEELS GOOD, you will feel EXHILARATED through the SACRIFICE like a “Black Bus Boycott Negro”, particularly when you see certain ENERGIES MELT AWAY.

Let me add that this doesn't mean I don't watch shows that are predominately white or even all white. But I REFUSE to be insulted by my own race who is playing to the masses just to make money and could care less about the plight of Black people in the media and the message their actions send.

Give Me a Break Russell!

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