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The Energy that Killed Messy Mya

By now I’m sure many of you have heard about the untimely death of Anthony M. Barre, 22 aka Messy Mya via many blogs and websites. Like many of you outside of New Orleans, until reading about his death I didn’t know who he was, but his death and the way he died sparked my curiosity. His death prompted me to find out a little bit more about Messy Mya, my goal was to absorb his ENERGY in order to try and make sense of his death.
Messy Mya was a New Orleans self professed comedian known in his area. He was beginning to develop a following on Youtube for his videos. His comedy revolved around making fun of people at random when he saw them on the street.
I decided to watch some of his videos to get an idea of his spirit and to see through what he doesn’t reveal intentionally but through the ENERGY he radiates when analyzing his actions and mindset.
I’m sad to say this was a troubled Brother living in a troubled environment. That combination is NEVER good.
I have put together a series of videos that gives you a glimpse into the world of the energetic “gender bending” Messy Mya

The video below shows how reckless Messy Mya was willing to be to get laughs. Now granted I am in no way condoning what happened to him I think it’s sad and I think it speaks of the ENERGY of our communities.

There use to be a time when you could "snap on" and make fun of someone and they either snapped back or at the most took it out by challenging the person to a fist fight. Those days are long gone, and Black people through our communities and culture have been embedded with the notion that when someone challenges you to get TRUE RESPECT and to prevent others from thinking you are soft you react in the most extreme ways, including murder.

According to many people who knew Messy Mya they claim that his family tried to talk to him about his actions but he wouldn’t listen.

This next video shows why it was hard to get through to Messy Mya, and why he was at times so outrageous and bold in his actions. It’s clear that Messy Mya had a drinking problem and when he was drunk it added to his already tendency to insult others and be confrontational.

The next video shows how Messy Mya tried to explain why he did what he did. Now you must look deeper into his explanations. The fact that he offered them showed that not only was he conflicted by his actions deep down inside, but that people had ALREADY reacted to what he was doing in a NEGATIVE way. Unfortunately Messy Mya continued to wreck havoc on the people of his community and broadcast it to all.

Here's a video that shows Messy Mya during happier times and some of the clips of his antics:

We should all LEARN from his death and not let it be in vain. There are two things that should be learned, one when you don’t have a basis for your insults and attack people unexpectedly it’s like backing someone into a corner, and if they don’t have the ability to “joke” their way out of it like you, they WILL find a way to react.

Due to the ENERGY of our communities in this day and age, many times this will result into violence. I can’t help but think that of ALL PLACES, Messy Mya chose the people of New Orleans to fuel his comedy acts. New Orleans especially the “Ward” areas are areas where people live by violence and are desensitized by it.

It did not SHOCK me that someone took a picture of his dying body and a large group of people surrounded his body after his death. The ENERGY of many of the neighborhoods in New Orleans reflects the lack of respect for human life.

Sometimes the place we have grown up in and feel the most at home in is NOT the most loving community. This is a HARD, SAD lesson that many people have to wind up learning.

The ENERGY of your environment must ALWAYS be taken into consideration.

R.I.P Messy Mya, I was able to see that you had a wonderful sweet soul that was marred by alcohol, but many times people don’t nor they care to look deep past the exterior.

UPDATE: A suspect has been taken into custody for the shooting death of Anthony Barre aka: Messy Mya.
Suspect Jason Baptiste pictured above, was taken into custody Saturday morning after visiting a hospital in Marrero, according to authorities. Police arrested Baptiste at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna, after receiving a 911 call that the person fitting the suspects description in the murder of Messy Mya was there.

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