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The Black Woman's "Ball and Chain" Creates Illusions

I had to laugh out loud when I saw this video, because it does seem to reflect the ENERGY of Black women these days. It's not an accurate portrayal of ALL women in this generation but it does reflect metaphysics.

What could I possibly mean by that?

Well, look at the following comments which where left in response to this video:

Who the ***** wants Lil Wayne, like seriously?? LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
And who said all black women wanted a baller, a thug or a rapper?? That's a stupid ***** stereotype even though some women are like that. I'm 19 years old and I never thought damn "I need me a baller or a thug. Or I wanna be a baby mama." That's so lame and ignorant. I'm not fascinated by non of these rappers on TV or wish I was with them for their money. SMH...

Here's another one
I'm not laughing! Although this may be true in SOME instances, this is not the reality for MANY African American women! This is a one-sided sexist depiction of AA women and doesn't leave any responsibility of the AA relationship crises on AA men. I agree with the sista, that talked about how many of the educated, Christian, employed AA men are not looking for that in the women they date. Many of these men exclusively date the super model, racially ambiguous, not too brown, maybe went to college, doesn't bring much to the table except her looks, woman! There are countless numbers of AA women that are fine and smart who are looking for genuine relationships built on a solid foundation. I'm sure that there are women out here that are like the video, BUT all AA women don't fall into this category. It's unfortunate that when an AA men gets hurt or misused all AA women are at fault and are blamed for one sistas mistake! Though this was meant to be funny, it only intensifies the stereotypes and misperceptions of AA women! (Note How she Couldn't Help But Stereotype by ENERGY Herself)
And Another before I drive my Point HOME:
as a black female i find this video all the more reason to marry a white male. LOL at these women trying to e-persuade black men that we are actually worth something and dont all act like this. if they cant see by now than they really are the fools that white men portray them to be. I only look at it as a step up (Seems she Stereotyping the ENERGY of Black Men also) 
All of these comments are funny because it shows how SIMPLE people can be, in this case Black women.

When will people LEARN that you are judged through portrayals? The media and what you seem to support will always DEFINE you. The HUMAN MIND cannot fathom each individual but can feel ENERGY which leads to stereotyping. If that WEREN'T the case your grandmother would not have told you that you are judged by the company you keep. It wouldn't matter who you CHOSE to be friends with you would be viewed as an individual but we all know that is not true.

Another good example of that would be the fact that your husband or boyfriend could even begin to resent you because of your choice of friends.

The same goes for what you support. People make judgements towards you based on what you seem to support.

And YES Lil Wayne and those like him have an ENERGY that unfortunately overshadows Hill Harper's, you have allowed this, so deal with it. Better yet CHANGE IT.

Only the idealistic mind has a hard time understanding this. The 3 commenter's above act as if the person who made this video just ROLLED OUT OF BED and made this, it's an ENERGY that he feels.

People judge by ENERGY whether they realize it or not.

The ENERGY that Black women support in this culture tarnishes the perception people have of them. That is something that you could NEVER get through to a "hollow head", though they feel and know it's true. It doesn't matter how you THINK things should be. Life revolves around metaphysics. God made it that way.

Whatever ENERGY you support and take in, will define and influence your surroundings. So think about that the next time you are supporting the Opportunist women on "Desperate Housewives", or that rapper who has the mentality that you are a gold-digger and portrays you as one in his music before the WHOLE WORLD.

You can't be a DUMBASS all your life, You can't always act as a VICTIM. Black men didn't just ROLL out of bed and decide they would Bash Black women in this way especially something that weighs on their manhood and ego.

Listen to the ENERGY they feel and stop brushing it off. Think about who represents you, think about who you support. Think about your anticipation for "Amber Rose's" show to come on, and understand the world sees who you support and stand by and it creates an ENERGY.

That is the HAND OF GOD not ANY HUMAN, he would NEVER allow you to escape the ENERGY of what you support.............................PERIOD. That goes for Black men too, but of course in this thread we are addressing Black women.................CONCENTRATE.

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