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"Urban" Milley Cyrus: Can the Weak Exploit Others?

Every race of men wants to feel as if they control the women of their race. Due to Black men not having this type of control hasn't it bred a lot of resentment towards White men? Men who many Black men claim control Black women.

Just the other day I listened to a video where a black man claimed all non-Black men hate on Black men---Let's explore an ENERGY that explains why..................

I'm seeing more and more white girls twerkin and wearing the ENERGY of Hip Hop culture. I wonder how many Black people programmed to think integrating makes them more valid and accepted find no problem with this phenomenon.

I'm sure many don't have a problem with seeing this occur, but they fail to ask themselves what type of integration is occurring? Is mainstream Hip Hop a negative, objectifying ENERGY? or an ENERGY that reflects negative stereotypes others would not want to wear? Are White women being used as objects in the Hip Hop culture, just like many Black women have been used in that way?

More and more rappers are putting White girls in their lyrics, while sending an ENERGY  that this represents POWER.

The thing is they are being paid to do this, most of them have money. However, how many everyday Black men are struggling? Black men should know all too well how it feels when a group of men feel they have no control over what influences the women of their race.

Back in the day, even the idea of a Black man having his eyes set on a White women got Black men in trouble. Today integration and interracial relationships is being pushed by the "Power Control Force" to create a more racially ambiguous people.

But how do everyday White men process this?

Females Do You Click On Obvious Trash?

You should always be challenging yourself to see how high you can elavate yourself above the masses. The masses are being led like eyes that follow the pendant a hypnotist uses during hypnosis. Now I know humans have curious spirits but it's important to gauge how much trash attracts you an why.

Some might be saying using the term "trash" seems like something based on opinion. Well I don't like to offer opinions so let me give you some examples of articles that would be considered trash so you can secretly ask yourself why you gravitate to certain things.

Do you click on articles like:
"Twerk Fails"
"Video Vixens Then and Now"
"Sex Tapes We Need"
"Strippers Turned Stars" etc....
(I don't click on these types of articles but their presence on female based websites tells me there is an ENERGY signal being put out that indicates those who post them believe you would)

Symbolism Rears Its Head In Death

 Above is Tonquinisha "NeNe" McKinley. Tonquinisha was killed during a shoot-out at a unauthorized pre-prom gathering. Despite warnings from school officials that urged students not to go to unsupervised gathers, these warnings fell on deaf ears. Officials believe it's harder to control these types of gathers due to social media communications and there's no telling who will show up once a party is announced.

My purpose of doing this article is to point out TWO things:

What is NeNe Wearing?

Beyonce Inauguration Moment: The Era Of Media Manipulation and Celebrity Controversy

Here is what the photographer of the above picture states:
"Anybody who looked important I took a picture of at inauguration," King tweeted this morning, along with today's New York Post cover ("Pols fawn over Beyoncé , Jay-Z at inaugural"), which catches him in action. "I didn't know who the guy beside @Beyonce was."
"It's ironic to end up on the front page of the paper," he said. "I took about 40 shots yesterday — ten of the Clintons, ten of the Obamas, ten of the Chief Justice — and the one that makes it is BeyoncĂ©."
Let's absorb ENERGY for a moment. One of two things is going on with the above picture and caption:
  1. A staff member of the NY Post is being sarcastic and purposely trying to cause friction with the Obamas by feeding the perception that Beyonce and Jay Z are overexposed and clamming for the title of "power couple" in the media. There are many people disgusted by Obama's affiliation with Beyonce and Jay Z. What better way to cause friction with the public and the Obamas than to send the perception that the Obamas almost became overshadowed by their affiliation with Beyonce and Jay Z on their day.
  2. Beyonce and Jay Z's industry cronies is trying to force feed the public with a perception they would like people to accept. A perception that says "they're a respected "power couple" and should be addressed as such. They would like to be considered the Obama's of the industry. They channel power and pry it from the Universe even when it is not willingly granted.

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